Top 5 Secret Food Locations in Lamai

If you're wondering what your're going to eat while staying in Koh Samui, then this is the article for you. Here the author shares 5 top secret spots in Koh Samui for both the food enthuists and the budget conscious.

Top 5 Secret Food Locations in Lamai

Thailand has a reputation for amazing food and it is well deserved! However, when I first got here, I was a bit lost, apprehensive, and just unsure what or where to eat. I wrote this article for those visiting Koh Samui who may find themselves in a similar situation to the one I  was in. These are my top 5 picks for the places to eat in or near Lamai Beach.


For the budget-conscious, Tesco, the local grocery store is your friend. While attending Tortuga Coders it is definitely walkable, on a motorbike it is even more accessible. You can be there in a few minutes from the school or your accommodation.

When I recommend Tesco it is not for you to go grocery shopping, although instant noodles, a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs can go far in terms of budgeting.

While stocking up on groceries is indeed a great way to save some money, the real gem of Tesco is its food court! Tesco’s food court is amazing! For someone who is accustomed to western style restaurants, you may find some of the local restaurants and food-stands in Thailand to be a bit sketchy. However, the food court in Tesco is the furthest from that. It is extremely clean; the food is prepared right in front of you, and it’s cheap! For example, I can get a 4oz chicken breast with white rice for 65 THB. An extra 4oz chicken breast with the meal will run me 100 THB. There are several other options such as roasted duck and pad thai. All of it is delicious.

2. Food Lab

You wouldn’t expect to find Italian food in Thailand, right? At least not good Italian food. However, Lamai is a hotspot for authentic Italian food. In fact there are actually three restaurants all owned and operated by chefs who come directly from Rome.

As a carbonara fan, I’ve got to recommend Food Lab. Out of the three it has the best carbonara in my opinion.

Food lab’s speciality however is their porchetta, which is a delicious slow roasted pork roast. You can order your porchetta as a plate or a panini, both are delicious!

3. Gringos (Chaweng)

Craving Mexican? Nachos, burritos, tacos? Well then Gringo’s is the spot for you! This place hits the spot when you’ve got that itch for some chili con carne or some queso!

Located in Chaweng, it is about a 25 minute drive from Lamai. It is the perfect spot to hit up on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon.

Be sure to check out their happy hour, the margaritas are amazing! The blueberry one is my favorite!

4. Roti Odin

A little known place that I was introduced to by my friend in the bootcamp. Her and her boyfriend actually put this place of Google Maps because it is that good.

If you’ve never had a roti, then you’re in for a treat! The roti here is similar to a French crepe, especially if you opt for a sweet one. This place offers a wide selection of both sweet and savoury options. My favourite is the spinach and cheese which is the most expensive one at 70 THB. Everything here is very affordable and extremely tasty!

5. KFC (Inside Tesco)

Once again, back to Tesco. You may be thinking: KFC, really!? Really! This KFC is different than the ones in North America. The chicken seems to be of a better quality. The taste is great! The price is just right! Two pieces of fried chicken for under 100 THB. You can’t go wrong with that. You’ve got to try it at least once while you’re here!

I hope you find this article useful and that you enjoy these places as much as I did. For more content follow me on social media:




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