Make it Simple, but Significant

Make it Simple, but Significant

Final Project: We should not eat alone (sometimes)

EatWithMe is a unique social media dining app that sets the user up to eat
with others. I've had this idea in my head for a long time, but up until now I was never able to write code and make it a reality.

My Philosophy: Beauty, Simplicity and Functionality

  • Beauty: For me the beauty of the UI is very important. It showcases your product and forces you to pay attention to every detail.
  • Simplicity: I want my application to be easy to use. I avoid adding unnecessary styles and effects on my app. Everything has to look clean and easy on the eye.
  • Functionality: "It has to work!" this is a very important lesson I learned from this bootcamp. It would be useless to design an incredibly beautiful application if it doesn't work in the end.

Starting my project

import TonyBrain from "/tony";
import ColaLight from "/seven-eleven";
import React from “/react”;

Before starting my final project, I reviewed Javascript and React, it was a good refresher to go back to basics after 7 weeks of coding hard. I got some help from my instructor and my classmates too, which make all the difference.

On the second week working on my project, I faced a big problem with JavaScript "FormData". I never imagined that uploading images or other files would be that complicated. I started to panic after not being able to solve my issues and coding for 10 hours a day. But everyone else here is working really hard on their projects too, and that encouraged me enormously to finish mine. I can't want to have my web app online.

Touch of Technology that brought EatWithMe to life

React is a JavaScript library used to create highly interactive web apps. It was hard to grasp the new concepts in the beginning, but I quickly began to appreciate the architectural design of React and how the virtual DOM brought my design to life.

  • Axios is a JavaScript library used to make HTTP requests to an API. Its beauty lies in its simplicity yet powerful structure.
  • NodeJS is a lightweight and efficient javascript runtime used to execute code outside the browser. NodeJS was heavily used to create the bridge between the website EatWithMe, Cloudinary (a popular image and media manager) and my NoSQL MongoDB database.
  • ExpressJS is a JavaScript library that runs on Node. This was used to easily build my API.
  • And finally MongoDB, the most popular NoSQL database. Being schemaless, it allowed me to store my data in collections with various sets of properties.

The end: Show, don't tell


I have learned many things in 9 weeks. If I hadn't joined this bootcamp, I would still not know how and where to start from, in order to build my app. What I got from Tortuga Coders is a map of the various elements required to be a full stack web developer. After this bootcamp, I still have many things to learn, including more advanced Javascript and more complex database queries.

Not only I learned how to code, but I also made some really good friends: we're a family. I love the classroom environment, beautiful beaches and nice people in this area. I couldn't have made it this far without the help and of my classmates who enjoy eating, laughing and sharing (food) together.

I can't, but we can

In the end, I would love to thank

  • Ed, who's always nice and patient (enough) to fix my code;
  • Nui, a wonderful lady (and great mother), who supports and takes care of me;
  • Tom, a moody guy, who's constantly debugging my server;
  • Jeff, the best partner to eat Samurai burgers together;
  • Stefano, my idol, who thought me the art of "work hard, drink harder";
  • Nikola, the oyster finder! Thanks for showing some new coding tricks;
  • Robert, the "elbow" man, my best neighbour and the great chatter;
  • Jaschi, my "son" :)
  • Poonam, the world would be boring without her;
  • Angela, a sweet girl, the real "backend" girl in this bootcamp, always working behind the scenes to make sure all runs smoothly;
  • Curly, the best office manager, who always help us, even at midnight;
  • and last but not least Tony, who taught me who to code and understand the importance of console.log() Without him, I would not able to build a cool app like this one.
I love all of you!

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