Hello my dearest programming fellows,

my Name is Nikola, I'm from Germany and I'm 28 years old. Since the beginning of this year 2019 I've started my journey to become an awesome JavaScript developer.

To top off my self-taught knowledge I've joined the best bootcamp in the world: Tortuga Coders! Here you can learn full-stack web development in only 9 weeks while being on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

This post is the first one of a series which I'm writing while I'm working on my final project. Further information about the project will follow...
Nevertheless, on this post I'm going to explain why exactly I've chose to learn JS instead of any other programming language.

Ever since the release of ES6 (EcmaScript 2015) JavaScript had a huge breakthrough. Now you can do more stuff, with less code. Ever since JavaScript has had the most active repos on version control management clouds such as GitHub.com

Most popular languages by opened-pull requests on GitHub (Source: https://octoverse.github.com)

In modern programming, JavaScript can be used in every instance of computing. JavaScript for the frontend is nothing new. But now you can also use it for the backend using Node.js. To me, this is the beauty of JS. You can basically use it everywhere, not only in programming terms, you as person can be anywhere in the world, while working on your projects. For that reason, I've decided to focus on the life of a developer by giving you an example how it can be.

Ever since the final project started a few days ago (the personal project all students at Tortuga Coders work on for the last 3 weeks of the bootcamp), I decided to travel a little bit more through Thailand.

My first stop was Surat Thani Airport. You can only get there by taking the ferry to the Donsak Pier.

On the way to Donsak Pier from Koh Samui (Lipa Noi Pier).

Since traveling means not always having access to Wi-Fi, you have to rely on your 4G connection; thankfully 4G is accessible from any spot in Thailand, no matter how forsaken that spot is. (Hey Germany, why does your mobile internet suck so bad compared to a developing country like Thailand?)
Most of the time while programming you're not going to use too much of your data traffic except for finding solutions for specific problems on StackOverflow, downloading NPM packages or pushing to GitHub.

On my flight from Surat Thani to Chiang Mai with AirAsia.

Got absolutely no internet connection? Perfect moment to work on your backend + MongoDB. As seen in this picture, I'm not only working on my controllers and models but also setting up the routes and checking if the API endpoints are working using Postman. I use Ubuntu, by the way 🤘

Coffee? More like fuel for every programmer. 

Arriving in Chiang Mai I didn't want to waste any time. So I've decided to visit this awesome place. With some of their finest coffee specialities in my veins I went to a silent area and worked on my React components.

So comfy, many wow, such coding.

Those typical Thai pyramid-shaped pillows are extremely comfy to sit at  when you don't have a good desk nearby.

Well...Lovely, innit? :D (ig: dreadlock_cm)

As I said... JavaScript everywhere, but with a little twist (no pun intended). Since I started to grow my hair, my first intention was to have dreadlocks at some point. Those two great hairdressers told me that it will take up to two hours to get my hair done. So I got my laptop out of my bag and guess what? Exactly, I started watching streams on Twitch! 😁
Jokes aside. In this picture I was having a lot of fun experimenting with the rotation property in CSS. I also manage to customize my Reactstrap components.

Gimme dat black good-good for my brain!
So serious, many thinking.

Here I'm trying to figure out how to POST a document to my MongoDB collection without the Frontend, just by sending it via Postman...
Since I got stuck with that and wanted to at least stay productive, I'm sitting at this beautiful cafe right now, providing you with my first ever blog post (lul).
Aight' everyone out there! That's all for now.


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