Hello World and Hello Readers! Let me introduce myself: if you call function console.log(tortugaStudentBatch2) you will definitely see my name.

const tortugaStudentBatch2 = {
  name: 'Mae',
  age: 35,
  countries: ['Thailand', 'Germany', 'Switzerland'],
  hobbies: ['reading', 'sleeping', 'coding', 'eating', 'eating', 'eating'],
  job: 'Graphic Designer',
  company: 'fyni.de',
  instagram: '@fynista',
  adjectives: ['cute', 'playful', 'slacker']

Three years ago I got contacted from a customer from the USA. She wanted me to reskin her applications and games. I really had no idea what "game reskinning" was, but I wanted to try. The first time I opened Xcode,  I felt like it was love at first sight. I saw messy code running beautifully... and of course "100 lines of errors" 😅. I said to myself: "one day I will learn to code". Et voila, I'm here, coding like a gold fish.

Mae wants to be a (cute) unicorn developer 

Why Tortuga Coders? Less people, more coding

Nice beach, delicious food, warm weather, and of course... interesting curriculum. Who wouldn't want to come here? But these are not the only reasons why I chose Tortuga Coders.

Before I applied to this bootcamp, I had been checking other bootcamps for several months, and a few were actually not far from where I live: Goettingen, Germany. But what I didn't like is the number of students in the classroom, 30-40 students per class, that is way too much for me. Here we have only 12 students.

My life at the bootcamp: code hard, eat harder

I feel like I'm in a "coding survivor" show. The first week we learned Javascript (nope, we didn't start with HTML and CSS), Github, and the Terminal. It was so hard for me, being a visual person and having to learn so many (non-visual) technical tools, but fun. Then we learned how to use a database, build a server and... React!

Even though we study and code so hard, we're never tired of looking for new food. We spend a lot of the evenings together (eating delicious food) and every weekend we organize activities.

Food Food Food! Stefano, Nikola and I ad the local oyster bar.

Final Project: time to fly solo  

After spending 6 weeks building projects with the help of our teacher, the last 3 weeks of the program are dedicated to building our own project. I needed an idea.

Initially, I wanted to build a simple weather app, but Tony was'n happy with my decision 🤪, he said that a weather app was silly and that I was capable of building something much better and more complex.

So I spent the whole day thinking about my final project... and one thing popped in my head... FOOD! (of course). I love walking alone, reading alone, watching movies alone... but there's one thing I absolutely hate doing along: eating.

My project: EAT WITH ME, is a social dining app that sets you up to eat with strangers. You can choose from a variety of places near you, see how many people are going on a given day and join them to enjoy eating in (hopefully) good company and make new friends.

"People who love to eat are always the best people"
- Julia Child
The design I created for my app: EAT WITH ME


  • First week: prepare the diagram of my app's architecture, Design the UI, build the HTML and CSS, create all my React components and create a simple REST API ✅ done!
  • Second week: crying, fixing bugs (coming soon)
  • Third week: adding cute features, and unnecessary stuff 😆
REACT!!!!!! ...React what???

See you next week for the second Sprint.