Coding: A love-hate-relationship

Coding: A love-hate-relationship

Hey peeps, it's "Chang" (well, Jaschi but read my last post here ).

You know the feeling when you just wanna throw your laptop out of the window because nothing is working?
I know the feeling well...

We are at the end of the third sprint, building our final project here at Tortuga Coders and so far it was a really rough week.
I was ill one day, got stuck on syntax the other and finally spent way more time than I should on a stupid "find" function.

I learned a lot this week though:

Failure is a part of being successful

Your code will break. Expect it and deal with it!

  • Sometimes you will have a bad day. Go home, sit by the beach (we're on a beautiful island after all), work out and go to bed early.
  • You don't know what's wrong? Ask your teacher, ask your peers, ask StackOverflow, just talk about your issue: either they will help you or you will find the mistake by talking about it.
    You got nobody? Talk to a mirror, a dog or a rubber duck! (Thanks, Nui)
  • Accept to struggle and fail. Deal with it. Failure is a part of being successful.
    Refuel and work on your Comeback!
  • Console log EVERYTHING! At least you know where the problem is, so you can fix it.
  • Don't waste too much time on a single issue, there's a lot to do. You can't fix something? Work on something else: polish your UI, or write a blog post, like this one...

And now, on a positive note, here's what we got done:

  • Home page with the list of recommended places ✅
  • Ability to add a new place via the API route ✅
  • User profile page with personal data ✅
  • Ability to edit the user profile ✅
  • Filter places by category ✅ (Thanks, Tony!)
UI design of the profile page, that the awesome Mae made for us.

Missing items are:

  • login and signup (in progress)
  • API endpoint to display a single places (Ed is working on it right now)
  • deploying to Heroku (planned for tomorrow, last day!)
  • fixing all the bugs we are about to create...
the logo of our app

Overall, we're on time.
We'll deploy a functional, basic version of Toptuga today, we also have to prepare and rehearse our presentation.

Wish us luck and show us some love in the comments below.

See ya, sexy coders!


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