Hey guys, I am Jaschi from Germany, 24 years old, the youngest student of Tortuga Coders' Batch 02 and people here call me "Chang".
This is my first blogpost in English... ever. Let's see how it goes.

Just me smiling for the camera

I'm here at the Tortuga Coders bootcamp, in Koh Samui, where I'm studying Full Stack Web Development. For my final project, I teamed up with Ed, a chill guy from the other side of the world and probably the best coder out of all the students. In this bootcamp for me it’s all about learning as much as I can as fast as possible.

The App

As soon as Ed asked me to join his team and create an app, I was all in. The idea is to build an app for all future Tortuga Coders, which would display top places to visit around us (restaurants, barber shops, laundry, etc.), so future batches won't have to make the same mistakes we did in exploring the area.

First of all, we planned out the basic functions of our app named "Toptuga":

  • The possibility to create places so other users know where the hotspots in Lamai and Koh Samui are;
  • these places will be displayed in a scrollable timeline;
  • users can comment, upvote and downvote  places.

The beauty of the app is the scalability. These are some advanced functions we want to build into app later on, if possible:

  • use the Google API so people don't have to create places from scratch if they already exist;
  • a profile page where each user can edit their favourite places, personal information and social media contacts;
  • a possibility for each user to visit the profile page of every other user and see the information they wants to show and interact with it.

At the beginning, the first thing we did was to close our laptops and put them aside.
I know... crazy, right? Putting your laptop away at a coding bootcamp? Why would you do that?


You need to understand your own app before you can code it.


So we sketched out the react component logic as well as the app web logic to know how everything would be connected between client, server and database.
It took a day to complete this and to structure files, folders and basic logs of "Hello World".

Tony helped us with the app web logic. This guy is an artist!

We are now 2 days into the first week's sprint.
During the 1st sprint, we want to build the basic main page with the timeline and categories as well as the page where you can create places by filling a form.

In short: The first out of three sprints should give us a simple but functional version of Toptuga (the MVP).

Sprint 1

Today we created all the API endpoints for the timeline and the categories of the main page and tested them with hard coded fake data from our MongoDB database.
After some problems with syntax and population logic we finished the tasks early and I am able to write these lines of code... Wait, that's not code that's just plain text. Funny me 😆.

Tomorrow we will create a simple version of the main page's Front-End. This will be connected and tested. Friday is for bug-fixing and planing the next sprint.

I'll keep you posted during the next sprints.

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See ya, sexy coders!


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